Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Victim of Gang Violence Granted Withholding of Removal

The Arlington Immigration Court granted withholding of removal to a young man from El Salvador who had been a victim of gang violence. 

About three years ago, the young man was shot and left for dead when he was unable to pay the quota that members of MS-13 demanded from him for the privilege of living in their territory. The man testified that he was a target for extortion because his father was a former member of the El Salvadoran military. 

U.S. law provides that an alien must be granted withholding of removal if an Immigration Judge finds that it is more probable than not that the alien's life and liberty will be in jeopardy because of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group if returned to his or her home country. I this case, the Immigration Judge found that the young man had suffered past persecution because of being an immediate family member of a former military member. 

The young man had presented evidence that the gangs in El Salvador act like a quasi-government, often controlling territory and demanding rent, or a quota, from the people who live there. The gangs have become so dominant, that the El Salvadoran police are unable to provide protection to residents. 

As recipient of withholding of removal, the young man may live and work in the United States.  But withholding of removal does not lead to permanent residency or citizenship. 

By: William J. Kovatch, Jr. 
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