Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Immigration Court Computer System Still Causing Problems

In April, the Immigration Court's computer system went down, due to a hardware issue.  It took over a month to get the system fixed.  During that time, the court was unable to enter new data into the system.

The system has been fixed, but the data entry is still somewhat delayed.  I had one client who was released on bond during April.  The fact that he had been released had not been entered into the court system, and as a result, his case was transferred to the detained docket, causing some last minute headaches for both the client and myself.  Fortunately, with some paperwork and some phone calls, I got this solved.

Still, if you have a case pending with the Immigration Court, you will want to be vigilant.  Check the 1-800 number often, and make sure you know when all of your hearings are scheduled.

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