Friday, October 19, 2012

Christians and Religious Minorities in Pakistan Face Persecution at the Hands of Pakistan's Blasphemy Law

Over the past few years, turmoil and assassinations have place in Pakistan, over the country's blasphemy law.  The law creates a possible death sentence to anyone who desecrates the name of Allah or the Prophet.  But, desecration can be broad.  It can include the mishandling of papers that happen to have the name of Allah or Mohamed printed on them.

The blasphemy law has been used as a tool by Islamic extremists in Pakistan to terrorize Christians and other religious minorities.  Politicians who oppose the law have been assassinated.  The murderer of one of the politicians, his own police body guard, was sentenced to death.  However, because the Muslim extremists considered the murderer a "hero or Islam," the judge was passed the sentence had to be whisked away to Saudi Arabia for his own protection.

I go into more detail on the situation of Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan in this article:

Religious Minorities in Pakistan Charged with Blasphemy Face Possible Death Sentences.

By: William J. Kovatch, Jr.
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