Thursday, September 27, 2012

Deferred Action Scams Are All Too Common

Here's an article from the Modesto Bee, making the same point I made below.  Beware of scams.  Be conscious of price and of what you are getting for your money.  There was another angle I saw out there.  Apparently, some unscrupulous people are having applicants pay them to help fill out the forms and compile the documents, but then using the information for identity theft.

The article also affirms my pricing schedule on deferred action applications.  $500 to help you fill out the form, compile the documents, and engage in reasonable follow-up is about what you should be willing to pay.

If you have any more questions about the deferred action program, or would like to hire me to assist you in the process, then give me a call at (703) 837-8832.

By:  William J. Kovatch, Jr.
(703) 837-8832

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