Friday, June 15, 2012

Why Consult a Lawyer?

Immigration law is form-driven. And since you are answering questions about yourself, it may appear deceptively simple. But, even for an apparently simple case, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer first. Recent example - as I was sitting waiting with my clients for their interview, I couldn't help overhear a USCIS Officer speak to a woman who applied for citizenship. She just passed her English and Civics tests, but the adjudicator was trying to explain to her that since her parents became citizens when she was under 18, she already was a citizen. Now, she needed to file another form, pay another filing fee, and get a passport. While this was generally good news, it meant that she spent $680 on a filing fee, and attended an interview that was completely unnecessary. If she had consulted with a knowledgeable immigration lawyer before filing the application, she could have saved herself time and money.

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